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KINS Nylon Taffeta Pull-On Waterproof Pants NT | Babykins & KINS Products adult nylon waterproof pants

Our plain waterproof pants are made from a very sturdy polyester coated fabric and will not dry and crack like plastic pants. They are designed to be worn over.

This waterproof pant is made of nylon taffeta. They are breathable, very lightweight and durable. Made with KINS Nylon Taffeta Pull-On Adult Pants Size Chart.

Buy LeakMaster Adult PUL Waterproof Pants - White, Large fits inch Waist on Dappi Waterproof % Nylon Diaper Pants, 2 Pack, White, Medium.

Jun 15, Yellow reusable adult nylon taffeta waterproof pants NT. Regular fit, breathable and waterproof diaper covers. Wear over top of cloth.