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Become: a Young Adult Urban Fantasy Novel by Ali Cross young adult urban fiction series

Below you'll find a list of urban fiction and books with teens of color. The Epic Fiasco Series follows Charly a teen who grew up on the streets Boy in the Black Suit by Jason Reynolds ( Best Fiction For Young Adults).

Teen Urban Fiction genre: new releases and popular books, including Bad Boy by Dream Jordan, The Bully by Paul Langan, Jumped by Rita Williams-Garcia.

Street Lit / Urban Fiction: Young Adult, Adult, and Poetry. This guide highlights many of the novels in the .. Book #1 of The Bluford High Series.

It's a series that has been just as educational to us as we hope it's been The topic for this genre guide is urban fiction, a topic that we're far less Like most other genres, YA readers can be well-served with adult urban fiction, too. . prey to the dangerous affections of a good looking but shady young man.