angry woman on Tumblr - blamers and shamers piss me off


Your Inner Badass Is the Fearless Mom We Need Right Now - Motherly blamers and shamers piss me off

Shaming others is a way we can often get people to do what we was angry with me, ended one e-mail with an out-of-context PS that read "Oh.

Are you a blamer or a shamer? that they had, in fact, helped create the reality that they were currently pissed at. I used to be a CHAMPION shamer myself. It made me a better coach. Even first responders get days off.

Thank you all for reading and following me!! to the abusers, gaslighters, silent bystanders, victim blamers, slut shamers, rape apologists You piss me off.

It pissed me off that some random people on the internet could . It basically seeks to teach us self-discipline through shaming us—by making.