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Scutellaria elliptica (Hairy skullcap) - Michigan Natural Features Inventory hairy skullcap in southern illinois

The central stem is green to purple, 4-angled, and hairy to glandular-hairy. Range & Habitat: The native Hairy Skullcap is occasional in southern Illinois, while.

Marsh Skullcap Scutellaria while the lower surface is glabrous to short-hairy along the major veins. Illinois lies along the southern range-limit of this species .

Canada south to Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, s. MAY-JUNE HAIRY SKULLCAP Scutellaria elliptica Leaves similar in shape to those of Showy Skullcap, but.

USWildflowers Database State List for Illinois. Agrimony: Tall Hairy Agrimony, Common Agrimony, Hooked Agrimony, Tall Hairy (Native) Family: Rosaceae - Rose family, Agrimony: Southern Agrimony, Harvest Skullcap: Hairy Skullcap.