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Genus of Asian shrubs grown for their ornamental red berries and evergreen foliage (7) Low-growing plant with white flowers and red edible fruits (10) Tree with clusters of small, white flowers and red, purple or black sour berries (5).

Anybody got the answer to Sunday Express (30/11) GK Crossword for shrub of south asian genus of the same name with red berries and evergreen foilage.

Fruits are 6–8 cm long coiled pods with brown seeds attached by orange filaments. Key characteristics: Small tree; sharp thorns; bark red on back; bipinnate leaves, 9–17 cm long, Distribution: From the Indian peninsula, bael has spread to Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, . Description: Shrub or small tree, 3 –6m high.

Murraya paniculata is a tropical, evergreen plant native to South Asia, Southeast Asia and China and Australia. bearing small, white, scented flowers. The species is widely grown as an ornamental tree or hedge. Murraya is closely related to Citrus, and bears small orange to red fruit Genus: Murraya. Species: M. paniculata. Binomial name. Murraya paniculata.