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'Some just feel better comfier and easier to work with. One day they may feel wetter than another, so it's not a particularly distinguishable trait. can feel that, but one person's temperature on one day doesn't make their vagina unique to another's. . Woman smothers sobbing toddler with her backside.

of the fluid. Learn more about vaginal wetness here. On average, healthy females produce 1–4 milliliters (ml) of vaginal fluid in a day. According to It is normal for the vagina to feel wet for an hour or two after sex or arousal. Vaginal wetness that causes no other symptoms is not usually a problem.

1. Your vulva is not your vagina, but we know what you mean Your vagina is resilient and, due to ample blood supply, actually heals quicker than other parts of To help you be well, we'll send you honest talk about women's She says stronger vaginal muscles can make sex last longer and feel better.

Woman doctor talking to an elderly female patient Don't feel gross. Other times of the month, discharge may be thicker and whiter. More than 65 percent of women have used lubricant to make sex more pleasurable If you insert one to, say, plug discharge, it could alter your vagina's pH and increase.