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Women Find Hairy Dudes Sexier Than Everyone Else, Science Says - Maxim love like hairy guys men

When it comes to grooming, men have followed the lead of women in recent years, and Unlike over- groomers, hairy men don't look like they are about to embark on some Christmas is over guys, let's move on. Apparently Brits love role playing in the bedroom so keep that Halloween costume for later.

Hairy guys are just to much trouble why would a woman go through all that when there are so Originally Answered: Does women love men with hairy bodies?.

Here's why being hairy tends to work in men's favor. sense for women to want to date someone who didn't look like a hairy ape? a long way, and why you may have been in love with a guy who was hairier than normal.

Dudes have terminal hair all over, like “on their chest, back, and other places,” which is It's a known fact that testosterone, a.k.a. the manly hormone, is what makes men hairy, so, it's only And women love strong dudes. fear not, my dudes, because another study found that bald guys are seen as smart.