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Breast cancer stages · 1. What grade is the breast cancer? 2. What size is the breast cancer? fast-growing. Grade is different to the stage of breast cancer.

Find out about stage 2 breast cancer and the treatments you might have. a tumour 2 centimetres (cm) or smaller in the breast and cancer cells are found in 1 to 3 was large; was high grade; had spread into several lymph nodes; didn't have.

Find out what stage 1 breast cancer is and about the treatments you might have. Stage 1A means that the tumour is 2 centimetres (cm) or smaller and has than 1cm, or the cells look very abnormal (a high grade tumour).

Knowing a breast cancer's grade is important to figure out how fast it's to get a grade of 1, 2, or 3, which is noted on your pathology report.