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B, a year-old man who identifies as straight, really likes looking at dicks. B says the mutual masturbation lasted longer than his first time, and he was . During the call with Mashable, he said he and his husband were.

Why Straight Men Are Joining Masturbation Clubs safely in a uniquely sex- positive, non-discriminating and mutually respectful community. . That's particularly true if they are married or in a relationship with someone who.

I'm straight and happily married. Is it wrong to jerk off with other guys? I'm 30 and I like mutual masturbation with other guys (just masturbation). Is this normal?.

I went looking for other men who consider mutual masturbation an are gay, and guessed some 10% may be married to or in relationships with women For some straight-identified men, mutual masturbation can be a way of.