Artist creates 'The Great Wall of Vagina' using moulds of womens' genitals - the great wall of vagina


This Month The Great Wall Of Vagina Comes To London - Secret London the great wall of vagina

In , British artist Jamie McCartney cast over women’s genitalia in plaster of Paris for his artwork The Great Wall of Vagina. He will later produce a United States-focused piece featuring one woman cast from every state. The foot sculpture, which is broken into ten.

Half a decade since its humble beginnings, The Great Wall of Vagina has enticed women from all over the world to volunteer to be cast in an overwhelmingly.

In a project titled “The Great Wall of Vagina,” the artist demonstrates not only his ability to craft effective word play, but also his knack for.

Artist Jamie McCartney has just unveiled the (NSFW) 'Great Wall Of Vagina' in Boulder, Colorado, which displays the moulds of womens'.