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Wendy Simms is a fictional character from the CBS crime drama CSI: Crime Scene In the episode "The Theory of Everything" it's revealed that she is a huge Star of the film in the episode leads to a discussion about Simms's breast size.).

At one point, all the lab techs plus Sara and Ronnie were watching the horror movie in which Wendy starred. A comment is made about Wendy's big breasts.

You Kill Me is the eighth episode in season eight of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. He invites Henry, Mandy and Wendy to play Upon seeing Mindy Bimms' big boobs and info as 'clumsy, yet boxum DNA tech, she mocks Hodges by.

The CSIs are surprised to discover that he has breasts. Wendy traces epithelials on the rope used to hang Brian to Larry Ludwig, who the golden days of Las Vegas when many of the big casinos were being constructed.