How I Learned You Probably Shouldn't Try to Turn Raccoons into Pets - VICE - raccoon fuck


So I just saw a fucking raccoon | ResetEra raccoon fuck

Raccoons are cute but seeing a possum at night, especially a big one, can be pretty alarming. You don't realize how big they can get.

This is me removing a raccoon from our residence. Fucking Raccoon. SkrillexLiveJuly Loading Unsubscribe from SkrillexLiveJuly13?.

Disclaimer* I say fuck A LOT in this video I am pissed:) This is the night of Christmas day and I have this fucking raccoon who decided it.

One time I found a dead raccoon on the street, I brought it home and tried to give it CPR but after 20 times I gave up and put it back outside. Continue this thread.