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Jared Leto doubts the movie industry is ready for a gay leading man | jared leto is really gay

Jared Joseph Leto is an American actor and singer-songwriter. After starting his career with . In , Leto played a gay high school teacher who attracts the attentions of Robert Downey, Jr. in Black and White, . He later explained his decision to direct with a pseudonym saying, "I really wanted people to be able to enjoy.

Jared Leto believes a gay leading man would not have the same opportunities in the film industry which he believes is still “very conservative”.

Jared Leto Isn't Sure Hollywood Is Ready to Accept a Gay Leading Man Anyway, no, I think that this is still a very conservative business.".

Jared Leto has said in several interviews that various Joker scenes originally scheduled to me,” Ike told Howard Stern (via Gay Times), explaining how the improvised scene went down. You Were Never Really Here.