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Naive recirculating B cells mature simultaneously in the spleen and bone marrow. b cells mature in

B cells, also known as B lymphocytes, are a type of white blood cell of the small lymphocyte In mammals, B cells mature in the bone marrow, which is at the core of most bones. In birds, B cells mature in the bursa of Fabricius, a lymphoid.

The T Cell: T-cells mature in the thymus gland or in the lymph nodes. Since the thymus is only % functional in the adult, the lymph nodes take on greater.

Rather, eventual B cells continue to mature in the bone marrow. The first step of B cell maturation is an assessment of the functionality of their antigen-binding.

T3 B cells do not give rise to mature B cells, but instead represent a subset of anergic B cells which have been selected away from the B cell developmental.