- dremmel varnished wire stripper


dremmel varnished wire stripper

The following comments apply to magnet wire with non-solderable insulation. be removed to a cool burner during the time that you are stripping wire. using Cratex (rubberized abrasive) points in a Dremel or handheld.

1pcs Enamel Wire Stripping Machine, Varnished Wire Stripper DNB-6 Free Shipping Product Name: enamel wire stripper, enameled wire stripping machine. 4 types Multi Chuck Keyless For Dremel Rotary Tools mm Drill Bit Chucks.

Handheld Magnet Wire Stripping Machine Wire Stripper Cutter Hand Scraper for Enamelled Wire r/min V - - fmtarragona.info

This unit can be adjusted to adapt to a variety of enameled wire, comfortable and convenient, fast and curettage enameled wire insulation coating the surface.