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Ebru loses her bikini top while running into the ocean | Daily Mail Online lost my bikini top

What is the most revealing swimwear that you had ever worn to the beach or a pool party? Have you ever lost your swimsuit bottoms/swimming trunks while going out for swimming? One day I went to the beach, and I was out in the ocean and lost my bikini bottoms surfing.

A Chilean TV reporter was left red-faced earlier this week after her bikini top fell off during a live broadcast. The popular presenter, Bernardita.

Turns out I had lost my bikini top in the water. I had just flashed everyone in the middle of a fairly busy street. If I were sober enough to feel any shame I would.

HER BATHING SUIT KEPT FALLING OFF AT THE BEACH Jun 5, Bikini top falls off naked embarrassed I Lost My Bikini!!!.