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Best menstrual cup for beginners | The Hello Cup Teen a-cup teen

The Hello Cup XS is the best menstrual cup for beginners, period. It's a little softer than our other cups, and perfect for teens. Lovely in lilac.

MyCup™ Menstrual Cup Size 0 is: MyCup™ Teen Menstrual Cup Size 0 is a beautiful streamlined menstrual cup, made from premium FDA Registered medical grade silicone, making it smooth and comfortable. The dimensions of the MyCup™ Teen Menstrual Cup Size 0 are as follows.

Yes a teenager can wear a cup bra also. That's all depends on the size of the breasts you are having. I will be perfect in answering this question because when.

The Hello Cup TEEN is the best menstrual cup for beginners – that is, teenagers trying a cup for the first time. It is smaller than the Hello Cup S/M and has a.