and they say hondas suck ;) - hondas suck


My Jeep Won a War Shirt - WWII, Hondas Suck | eBay hondas suck

Reasons why people may think Honda sucks (the consensus is, Honda isn't as outstanding as it used to be in the s-early s): Quality 1. Hondas cater to .

Have you guys seen this? This is great. I would think this has been posted before though but just incase: Honda Haters What do you all think?.

General Discussion and Debate -!!!!HONDA SUCKS!!!! Here's why.. - Recently, i've been seeing a new marketing strategy by Honda i've.

That's why I don't see any 90's J-Bodies and Neons no more! And I still see thousands of 80's and 90's Civics on the road! Yeah, Hondas suck HAHAHAHAHA.