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Crafted from fresh Wisconsin milk, Van Gogh® Original is the quintessential Dutch . A true masterpiece, Vintage Van Gogh® Gouda is artfully crafted in limited.

Zucchini shreds keep these turkey meatballs moist while Roth Vintage Van Gogh Gouda intensifies the flavor. By: Sarah Menanix, SnixyKitchen.

milk • Ossau Iraty • Compte St. Antoine k A big or Imperial Stout • North Coast well-aged Gouda • 4-year Dutch Gouda • Roth Käse Vintage Van Gogh ogh.

Take Care! Omzien naar van Gogh [Reflections on van Gogh]. Amsterdam: Aspect. Roth, Michael, and Charles Salas. New York: Vintage Books. ———.