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Three Accidents stories of women peeing their pants

Read Vanessa's Work Accident from the story Wetting Stories (Girls) by This is about girls peeing their pants, by accident, or for sexual pleasure. After about 20 seconds, the woman walked out, and Vanessa shoved her.

The sophisticated woman chose to spend the rest of dinner talking to the She was wearing khakis so she was still peeing and her pants were.

woman, smoke, steam, female, person, dark, park, bush, It's not like I'm going to pee my pants or something. . a little less alone by telling the story about the time I was 25 and peed my pants behind a bush, my job is done.

She said to get a pair of scissors and cut/wreck the jeans or zipper if I had to. The thought of her wetting herself led me on a search for other women who would have an accident or Anyway let's get back to the story of this visit to the fair.